BELGIUM There is a generalized obligation for police officers to carry a nameplate with a name, level and police unit. This norm is not always respected and disciplinary sanctions are envisaged for those who do not wear the nameplate.

FRANCE Since the 01/01/2014 the general obligation exists to wear a white stripe with a number composed of 7 digits.
The are now sanctions envisaged for those do not wear the identification.
The recent introduction of the norm does not permit to monitor its effects.

GERMANY The Federal Police does not posses any identification number, but in the different states (Länder) legislation varies.
In most of the German Länder police officers are free to decide to wear an identification label.

In Berlin, police officers are obliged to wear a name tag or an identification number.

In Sachsen-Anhalt the general obligation exists, but the special units in charge of demonstrations are exempted from this general obligation.

HOLLAND Police officers in uniform are obliged to carry a nameplate on the uniform. During public order policing they wear a number on the helmet.
The nameplate is part of the uniform, but it is possible to hide it in certain circumstances.
There are no particular sanctions for those who do not carry an identification.

ITALY There is no norm containing a system of identification of police forcers.
A proposal exists for a law concerning the identification of police officers during their public order policing.

SPAIN There is a general obligation to wear the nameplate, except during public order policing. The law is not always abided, but no sanctions are envisaged for those who do not wear the identification.
There are significant regional differences.

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