The EDL, in the course of a bureau meeting in Istanbul on the 18th of October 2014, has decided:


  • In the course of a trial taking place in Turin, Italy, against dozens of citizens, who have actively demonstrated for years in defence of the territory of the Valley of Susa threatened by the construction of a devastating and useless high speed train, the Public Prosecutor has requested high penalties. During the hearing of the 14th October 2014, the lawyer defending the State affirmed:

“The so-called Legal Team was present on the scene on the 27th of June and the 3rd of July. This trial, which has lived of filmed images, has given us the possibility of seeing these lawyers in places where crimes were being enacted…the moment has come, where one has to choose between the Legal Team jacket or the Lawyers’ robe because wearing both is difficult and the credibility of the lawyer is at stake”

  • Since the G8 in Genoa in 2001, in all mass demonstrations, lawyers in all Europe have worn the legal team jacket and taken to the streets in support of the free demonstration of opinion and following the principle that fundamental rights are not only defended in the courts of justice but everywhere where they are under threat.
  • The grave statements of the lawyer representing the state, given the context and place where they were pronounced, constitute an unacceptable form of intimidation of defence lawyers in this particular trial, as well as of lawyers working for citizens under trial for opposing the destruction of the environment and living conditions of people.

Now, therefore:

The EDL expresses its greatest outrage at the attacks against the freedom of organization of lawyers and the attempt to intimidate the defence lawyers, undermining the guarantees of the defence within and outside the trial.

The EDL expresses its solidarity to the Legal Team Italy and to the courageous lawyers of Turin who work under particularly difficult circumstances.

The EDL reiterates that the activity of Legal Team is part of the heritage of democratic struggle and a legitimate exercise of lawyers’ professional activity.

The EDL appeals to all institutions of self-government of lawyers and magistrates, as well as to all citizens to intervene to avoid attacks on democratic lawyers and the rights of the defence.


Bureau of the EDL

Istanbul, 18/10/2014

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