Concern due to the disproportionate precautionary measures imposed against Arantza Zulueta, Jon Enparantza and José Campo

The Association of Democratic Lawyers previously expressed their concern about the arrest and the hardness of the precautionary measures taken against the Basque Lawyers Arantza Zulueta, Jon Enparantza and José Campo and also denounced the persecution of the Basque Lawyers and their professional practice in the recent police operation that ended with 12 lawyers arrested.

We want to show our disagreement with the hardness of the precautionary measures taken due to which they remain in prison under high isolation conditions for over a year, without having determined the date of judgment.

Arantza Zulueta was already on probation for a similar charge, so we believe that her second arrest is questionable.

We request the all three to be released as soon as possible and their liability to be determined, in any case, in court. From AED-EDL we further emphasize that:

  • The prison precautionary, unconditional and provisional measure is highly burdensome that applies to very specific cases. We understand that, in this case, does not fit at all. Thus, we consider it disproportionate and, in this case, another precautionary measures could be taken, if so appropriate.
  • There is no reason to believe that there is a risk of scape. In the case of Arantza Zulueta, she is on probation for another procedure.
  • The State must guarantee the right of lawyers to carry out their professional functions without the intimidation or persecution, and without suffering any interference in their work.

    Therefore, we request to the JCI number 6 with the proceeding number 11/2013, their release as soon as possible so that the violation of their rights cease immediately.

    Brussels, February 7th, 2015

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