The EDL, the association of European Democratic Lawyers, is close to the Turkish and Kurdish people hardly hit by the attack carried out in Ankara on October 10th during a peaceful demonstration organized by non-governmental organizations, trade unions and the HDP, the Party, which won in June together with the coalition of Kurdish party and other leftist parties 84 seats in the Turkish Parliament.

We express our solidarity with the victims and condemn this monstrous attack, which, through two explosions close together, hit the big peace rally and killed about 100 people.

The attack can be added to the attacks in Diyarbakir last June and in Suruc in July, definitely executed by the same hand and aiming at terrorizing those who are leading the battle for peace and self-determination of the Kurdish people. This brings us back to the memory of the dark years that we have lived in our country with the strategy of tension and the manoeuvres inspired by authoritarian environments related to political alliances with anti-communism the most reactionary sectors of the security forces.

This massacre is part of an effort to prevent the realization of freedom and democracy in Turkey and other Mediterranean countries, in the line of fire of colonialist and imperialist aims and the cruel and murderous ravings of so-called Islamic state.

We want to show our closeness and solidarity through militant solidarity, which in our case has been expressed itself in defense in court of Kurdish militants unjustly accused of terrorism, as well as in the presence of lawyers and jurists in the regions of Kurdistan most affected by violence of the Islamic state, Daesh, and the presence of international observers, including lawyers who are part of our association during the upcoming elections in Turkey .

We are particularly close to our brothers and colleagues of ÇAĞDAŞ HUKUKÇULAR DERNEĞI (ÇHD- PROGRESSIVE LAWYERS ASSOCIATION – TURKEY), who have been hardly by the repression of the Turkish regime and we are confident that the murderous violence of the bombs will not stop the struggle for democracy .

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