Every January 24th lawyers around the world support endangered lawyers in other countries by holding protests in front of the Embassies and Consulates of a designated country, holding meetings, press conferences and other activities.

This time the designated country will be China, which unleashed a massive crackdown against lawyers in July 2015. Before these mass arrests, many lawyers were already harassed or arrested because of taking up cases with Human Rights implications.

On this Day Of The Endangered Lawyer in as many cities is possible a centralized petition will be handed over at the same time to Ambassadors, Consuls and other official legal institutions. In this petition we ask the attention of the Chinese government for the problematic situation of the endangered Chinese lawyers. We will also put pressure on the Chinese Government to take care that the situation of the lawyers will be ameliorated as soon as possible. And that the persecution and harassment of these lawyers will be stopped.

The aim of the Day is to try to get a dialogue with the Ambassadors or other representatives of the Peoples Republic of China.

In other cities press conferences, colloquia and other manifestations on this issue will take place.



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