Since 2010, the AED organizes every 24th of January the Day of the Endangered Lawyer to protest against the grave conditions our colleagues endure to carry out their professional activities in a particular country

On this day, lawyers in different European cities, but also in the rest of the world, gather in front of Embassies and Consulates of the chosen country and hand out a report elaborated by the AED to the official representatives of the country. They ask for measures to be taken to end the harrasment of lawyers. Here you can find all our previous initiatives.

This year the country chosen is Turkey, a country we already chose on 2011. The situation is so grave that it merits repeating our complaint. Our colleagues of the Association of Progressive Lawyers (ÇHD) y other colectives and individual lawyers have suffered repression, have been threatened or expulsed from their bar associations.

Here is the invitation and the report we are presenting. And here is the AED archive on news on the situation of Turkish lawyers in the last years.

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