The AED-EDL expresses its firm condemnation of Turkish military
operations aiming at the invasion of Northern Syria-Rojava.

This invasion has the sole purpose of putting an end to the experience
of the North-East Syrian Democratic Autonomous Administration, and will
cause suffering and mourning primarily in the civilian population.

The Autonomous Administration was born of the common struggle of the
people of North-East Syria, in all their ethnic and religious components
(not only Kurds but also Arabs, Armenians, Turkmen, Chechens, Yazidi,
Alevi, Muslims, Christians) against ISIS while experimenting a new model
of real democratic coexistence.

The invasion of the Turkish troops with the consent of the American
President, aims to annihilate this political project while terrorizing
and massacring, not only those who valiantly fought and beat the ISIS
but also the civilian population.

This invasion risks returning the area to a reconstitution of the
Islamic State.

Realpolitik cannot justify the inertia towards this crime of countries
that proclaim themselves democratic.

We strongly ask that the European Governments:
– Condemn the aggression of the people living in this region: Kurds,
Arabs, Armenians, Turkmen, Chechens, Yazidi, Alevi, Muslims, Christians
– Impose with immediate effect a ban on arms trade with Turkey

As peace and justice are under threat as result of this military
operation, we demand:
– the immediate suspension of the EU-Turkey agreement, because Turkey is
not a safe third country;
– the resettlement of refugees from Turkey to Europe

We express our solidarity with our Kurdish and Turkish colleagues whose
working and living conditions will be even worse in a state of war. We
also want to show our solidarity to all the Turkish citizens who in
spite of the new wave of repression, protest against this military
aggression. Furthermore, we express our solidarity to the people of the
region, asking from now for an international investigation of the facts.

Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Colmar, Madrid, Milan,
Paris, Rome, Toulouse, Turin….2019

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