Observation mission on the Human Right’s situation of the Turkish lawyers members of the a ÇHD and the People’s Law Office

Istanbul, 15th to 20th of September

Asociación libre de Abogadas y abogados (ALA)

Report on the Situation

From the 15th to the 20th of September in Istanbul, three ALA lawyers took part in a fact-finding mission to observe the human rights situation of imprisoned Turkish lawyers accused of, among other crimes, terrorism, some of who have been in pre-trial detention for more than five years. These lawyers belong to various progressive lawyers’ associations such as ÇHD, OHD or the People’s Law Office.

The mission consisted of about fifty lawyers from different European associations and collegial institutions. The ALA lawyers are also representatives of AED (European Democratic Lawyers) of which ALA is a member and which is currently co-chaired by a member of our association.  

Download the full report of the ALA- observation mission

Download the full report of the Italian observation mission