The Day of the Endangered Lawyer – Photo post-

Since 2012, the Day of the Endangered Lawyer has been dedicated to colleagues in many countries, who suffer repression for their professional work.

Brussels, 24th of January 2022

Already in 2014, the Day was dedicated to Colombia. Sadly, this year, Colombia is once again the subject of the Day of the Endangered Lawyer.

Berlin, 24th of January 2022

Accordingly, lawyers all over the world, took to the streets and to the web to show their solidarity with their Colombian colleagues.

Ankara, 24th of January 202

During the Day, a letter was handed over to the Colombian Authorities with the demands for protection of Lawyers.

Barcelona, 24th of January 2022

Also a number of webinars and conferences have been held to highlight the plight of our colleagues.

Madrid, 24th of January 2022

Our Colombian colleagues are not alone.