In the morning hours of the 25th of April 2023, during a wide police operation, 191 people, including 25 lawyers and other members of civil society in Turkey were arrested and their houses searched.

Of the 25 lawyers initially arrested, 16 have been released under judicial control, following deposition and interrogation procedures. 4 lawyers are still under dentention. All of these lawyers have been criminalized for the practice of their profession and linked them, without proof, to the crimes against their clients.

Following these events, the Diyarbakir bar association and OHD (the Association of Lawyers for Freedom) have compiled a report, concluding that targeting defense lawyers in investagions of the prosecution, devoid of legal basis, undermines an important mechanism that guarantees the right to a fair trial.


This report aims at compiling all violations to the right to a fair trial and is to be used as the basis to make the required national and international legal applications and criminal complaints.

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