Arrest of three Basque Lawyers

PRESS RELEASE London, Düsseldorf, Farciennes 21 July 2014 The European Lawyers Associations AED and ELDH have received information concerning several situations of grave concern in relation with the pressure and persecution Basque lawyers are suffering. First, we express our concern over the arrest and imprisonment of the three Basque lawyers Jon Enparantza, Arantza Zulueta and […]

Aide Légale en Europe

  par: Gilberto Pagani Dans tous les textes constitutionnels et dans la Charte des droits Fondamentaux de l’Union Européenne, le droit à la justice et à l’aide juridictionnelle est consacré comme droit fondamental. Sur le mur de toutes les salles d’audience est écrite la phrase qui devrait représenter ce principe: la loi est égale pour […]

Trial Observation: ISTANBUL – 23rd to 26th December 2013

In Istanbul, during Christmas, as international observer in a trial starting on the 24th of December against 22 Turkish lawyers of the ÇHD group. I go, sent by EDL (European Democratic Lawyers) a European association regrouping democratic lawyers’ associations in diverse European countries, sent also by LTI (Legal Team Italy), a small group of Italian […]

Observation Mission to Istanbul (22nd to 27th December 2013)

Issue: Anti-terrorist trial against 22 lawyers of the Turkish ÇDH association (Progressive Lawyers’ Association). Venue: Silivri Internment Centre (1h30 away from Istanbul by bus) Accreditation: accredited as observer by the EDL (European Democratic Lawyers) and the Bar Association of Barcelona. INDEX I.-        General Considerations. II.-       The ÇHD. III.-      The Trial. IV.-      […]


PETITION WITH URGENT REQUESTS TO THE SPANISH AUTHORITIES PRESIDENT OF THE GOVERNMENT OF SPAIN, MR. MARIANO RAJOY BREY AND ALL MEMBERS OF THE SPANISH GOVERNMENT 3rd day of the Endangered Lawyers – 24th January 2013 European lawyers demand: Basque lawyers in Spain must enjoy the free exercise of their professional duties During the last two […]

Great success of the day of the endangered lawyer

On the 24th of January, hundreds of lawyers demonstrated in front of Turkish embassies and consulates all over Europe to protest against the attacks suffered by Turkish lawyers. Around fifty lawyers were arrested in Turkey in November 2011. They were accused of complicity with their clients who are part of the KCK network (Turkish civil […]


THE VIOLENCE IN BOLZANETO IS CONFIRMED WE HAVE TRUTH BUT NO JUSTICE Seven years after the events and four years after the beginning of the trial, the Court of Genoa has only partially done justice to the victims of the Bolzaneto lager. The gravest violations of fundamental rights have been confirmed like the inhuman treatment […]


TO THE CONSEJO GENERAL DE LA ABOGACÍA ESPAÑOLA (GENERAL COUNCIL OF SPANISH LAWYERS) The international Association of which I am president, the European Democratic Lawyers (AED) has had knowledge of serious procedural incidents during the oral hearings being held at the 3rd Section of the Audiencia Nacional (Case 18/98), through several of our members who […]