Since mid-September, these lawyers are detained in Ankara, Istanbul and Diyarbakır.   The number of lawyers prosecuted in Turkey is 1343 after this last wave of raids against lawyers. 524 of them have been arrested since the staged coup attempt in July 2016.   There are lawyers from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Catalonia, Belgium, Spain, […]

Free our 16 colleagues

Free our 14 colleagues, members of ÇHD (Progressive Lawyers Association), arrested in Turkey:     Barkın Timtik Ebru Timtik Süleyman Gökten Ezgi Çakır Ahmet Mandacı Yağmur Ereren Aytaç Ünsal Didem Baydar Ünsal Ayşegül Çağatay Engin Gökoğlu Behiç Aşçı Aycan Çiçek Şükriye Erden Özgür Yılmaz Zehra Özdemir Naciye Demir   We have been informed that our […]

30 years of Activism

The association European Democratic Lawyers, AED-EDL is celebrating 30 years of work in defence of the rights of citizens. This federation of European lawyers has aimed at preserving the independence of lawyers with regard to any power, be it political, social, economic or ordinal. Much has changed since 1987:Back then, the European Union seemed to […]

Wenn Anwaelten die Verteidigung ihrer Mandanten zum Vorwurf gemacht wird

23. Juni 2017, 12:57 Antiterrorverfahren betreffen in der Türkei auch Verteidiger. Über die Bedeutung internationaler Prozessbeobachtung vor und nach dem Putschversuch 2016 Nach dem Putschversuch im Juli 2016 wurde in der Türkei der Ausnahmezustand ausgerufen. Zehntausende Beamte, darunter Richter und Staatsanwälte, wurden entlassen. Zwischen 80.000 und 90.000 Menschen wurden festgenommen. Die Haftbedingungen verletzen internationale Standards. […]

Day of the Endangered Lawyer

7th Day Of the Endangered Lawyer with the focus on the persecuted and harassed Chinese lawyers on the 24th of January 2017 in appr. 30 cities*     Every January 24th lawyers around the world support endangered lawyers in other countries by holding protests in front of the Embassies and Consulates of a designated country, holding meetings, press conferences and other […]

The CHD has been banned in Turkey

Here is the Press statement of our German colleagues from the RAV:   On the 11th of November 2016, the Turkish Ministry of Interior, in the context of the state of emergency, has banned 370 organizations and associations in Turkey. It has further set, inter alia, a three-month ban on the freedom of the advocacy […]