What’s after Moria?

The end of EU refugee policy in compliance with human rights RAV and AED-EDL zoom press conference with European lawyers and Moria refugees, September 17, 2020, 10.00am To register and for details: gs@rav.de or: 030.417 235 55 Background information: https://www.rav.de/themen/migration-asyl/ Moria represents the fact the decisive achievement of European civilization – that states subject themselves […]

Resolution on European border control in the Mediterranean Sea

IADL, AED and ELDH condemn the tactics employed by the European Union and other European countries member to the Schengen/Dublin Area through their agents and agencies, particularly Frontex, to repel and collectively expulse migrants seeking to enter Europe by sea from Turkey and North Africa. IADL, AED and ELDH call for a radical defunding of […]


(La versión en español más abajo)   As European Democratic Lawyers we are deeply concerned about the proceedings against two minors and a nineteen-year old, who have been under investigation by Maltese authorities for almost a year.   The context In the night from 25th to 26th of March 2019, a rubber boat left Libya […]

Collective Statement on the situation of refugees in Greece

The signatories acknowledge the recent decision of the Greek Government to increase the level of deterrence at the borders to the maximum, to stop the registration of asylum applications for one month and to turn back to their country of origin or their country of transit anyone trying to enter into Greece illegally, following the […]


Once again, Erdoǧan is using refugees as political pawns. Once again, human rights defenders from different fields and countries are witnessing an illegal and inhuman situation at the border between Greece and Turkey. Official numbers are not available, however, it is clear that thousands of refugees, including a large number of minors, have been manipulated […]

the protection of European borders prevails over the right to asylum

The European Court of Human Right (ECHR) just took a decision in favour of the Spanish authorities, by endorsing the practice known as “push-back” of people trying to reach the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. Although another body of the Court had already condemned Spain in 2017 for this illegal practice[1], its Grand Chamber […]

Freedom for Hamza Haddi and Mohamed Haddar

The European Union must stop the arbitrary incarceration of refugees and migrants We express our solidarity with Hamza Haddi and Mohamed Haddar who are currently being held in pre-trial detention in Komotini, Greece. Both are facing long prison sentences because they are being wrongfully and arbitrarily accused of “smuggling”. Hamza Haddi and Mohamed Haddar are […]


Nadie en Europa puede decir que desconoce la situación de vulnerabilidad extrema en que se encuentran las personas migrantes que se trasladan desde países de Oriente próximo y África hasta Europa, debido a las situaciones de guerra y/o crisis humanitaria que sufren. El drama de los/as refugiados/as, que ha convertido el mar Mediterráneo en un […]

Le Procès des 7 de Briancon

Le 8 novembre 2018 s’est tenue au  Tribunal de grande instance de Gap, l’audience correctionnelle des 7 de Briançon, poursuivis pour aide à l’entrée irrégulière sur le territoire français de quelques migrants lors d’une manifestation pour la liberté de circulation et contre les initiatives du groupe d’extrême-droite et raciste, Génération identitaire. Ce groupe avait organisé […]