A Joint Statement by Legal Professional Groups & Human Rights NGOs on the forthcoming trials of the cases of the 709 Crackdown     To:    All Press and Media (for immediate release)   From:   China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group (CHRLCG) Taiwan Support China Human Rights Lawyers Network (TCLN)   Subject:   A Joint Statement […]

« Le système judiciaire sous l’état d’urgence, en Turquie »

Mes Chers confrères, Comme vous le savez, je me suis rendue à ANKARA les 13, 14 et 15 janvier dernier, pour participer à une conférence internationale portant sur conférence organisée par 22 Barreaux turcs (entre autres Ankara, Adana, Antalaya et Diyarbakir), l’AED, la Fondation de la  Journée de l’Avocat Menacé, l’ELDH et le MEDEL avec le […]

Basic Report about the oppression of lawyers in China

Approximately 300,000 lawyers are practising in China. Lawyers in China are closely monitored by the State for their work. Apart from direct intervention from the judicial bureaus and the lawyers association, lawyers are kept under control also by a controversial Annual Inspection system. In order to continue their practice, lawyers have to submit their lawyer’s […]

7th Day Of the Endangered Lawyer with the focus on the persecuted and harassed Chinese lawyers on the 24th of January 2017 in around 30 cities

Every January 24th lawyers around the world support endangered lawyers in other countries by holding protests in front of the Embassies and Consulates of a designated country, holding meetings, press conferences and other activities. This time the designated country will be China, which unleashed a massive crackdown against lawyers in July 2015. Before these mass arrests, […]

Le déficit démocratique aujourd’hui en Turquie:

Des autocrates au pouvoir et de la répression. Dès le 15 juin dernier plus de 40.000 personnes sont en prison, d’entre les 100.000 détenus à cause d’un Coup d’État qui reste une énigme politique de premier ordre. Actuellement on peut dire que : Il existe une manipulation de tout mass media et la fermeture de maints […]

Update on Trials in Turkey

A colleague in Istanbul, the lawyer Elvan Olkun, has sent us an update of the trials taking place in Turkey at the moment: 1. Trial of the members of  ÖHD (ÖZGÜRLÜKÇÜ HUKUKÇULAR DERNEĞI – ASSOCIATION OF LAWYERS FOR FREEDOM) 12 lawyers, members of ÖHD (Özgürlükçü Hukukçular Derneği – Association of Lawyers for Freedom) are being tried […]

Letters to Turkey

The AED has sent some letters and is now waiting for an answer! Here is the text of the letter, addressed to the minister of Justice, the President of the Bar association, the ambassador of France in Turkey and the French minister of foreign affairs: Le 16 mars 2016, à l’aube, neuf avocats turcs ont […]

Turkish Lawyers detained

AED Statement concerning the detention of the lawyers Ramazan Demir, İrfan Arasan, Ayşe Acinikli, Hüseyin Boğatekin, Şefik Çelik, Adem Çalışçı, Ayşe Başar, Tamer Doğan and Mustafa Ruzgar (16th of March 2016, Istanbul) and previously the detention of the “Academics for peace”. Amongst the different cases related to human rights that AED/EDL (Avocats Européens Démocrates/Europeans Democratic Lawyers) […]