Justice, technology and the right to adversarial proceedings

EN  (FR après l’image) Paris, 15thOctober 2021 Auditorium Gaston Monnerville, Maison du Barreau – 2 rue de Harlay – 75001 Paris French/English Translation LIVE ON ZOOM A preregistration is in place to avoid spam-attacks. Thank-you English: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUvde6gpz8tE93p3Z-4webNLP9eCP77dX0H French: hhttps://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIvd-qpqj8rHNA9gzVWZf7h2N_mCh0NmgGc The issue of the use of technology in justice is not new – the intrusion of […]

Webinar: Videoconference within the Asylum procedure

Webinar: Videoconference within the Asylum Procedure Date: 27 may. 2021 20:00Zoom link:https://zoom.us/j/94967511847?pwd=OTQ3aW9LUjErTC9iWGRFQUg0LzlOdz09Meeting ID: 949 6751 1847 Access code: 535239 The webinar will discuss a succesful ruling of the Belgian Council of State against the use of videoconferences in asylum procedures. The sentence is available in French and English This webinar-series critically highlights interesting case law, […]

The Instrumentalization of the Pandemic

Possible legal strategies and actions before national jurisdictions and international bodies On the 12th of June 2020, the AED-EDL held a special webinar dedicated to the instrumentalization of the COVID pandemic. The speakers highlighted different aspects of the question and country reports where presented   Here are the interventions of our speakers   Nicola Canestrini […]