On the isolated minors and activists of the Roya Valley

The General Assembly of the AED-EDL has been held in Nice on the 9th and 10th of February 2018 and has provided us with the opportunity to discuss European migration policy with activists from the association ROYA CITIZEN who have testified of the situation of migrants on the Franco-Italian border. For several months the ROYA […]

Suite à l’évacuation de Calais

Madame ou Monsieur le Bâtonnier, Vous êtes comme nous sensibilisé à la situation d’urgence qui se profile pour chacun de nos barreaux du fait de l’évacuation du bidonville de Calais et de la relocalisation un peu partout en France de ses occupants. Le CNB a d’ailleurs noté l’accès quasiment inexistant à l’information et au suivi […]

Statement on the possible reinstatement of the death penalty in Turkey

The right to life is guaranteed by all major international and regional human rights treaties. The European Court of Human Rights has interpreted the right to life as “an inalienable attribute of human beings” and a “supreme value in the international hierarchy of human rights”.[1] The undersigned organisations believe that the abolition of the death […]

Migrants outlawed- International Conference

International Conference SAF / AED on the 23rd and 24th of September 2016 ​​Free movement within Europe … this ideal seems to be receding day by day, European governments are unable to implement a common policy for the accommodation of migrants and are taking instead increasingly hard and inhumane measures of expulsion and repression. Faced […]

On the current situation for asylum seekers in Greece

Last summer about 800.000 asylum seekers arrived in Greece. Until that moment most aslym seekers arrived through the land borders. After the fence has been build and other measures were taken (f.i. push backs) the stream of refugees started to arrived over sea. Most arrived on Lesbos or Chios. In the summer there was a […]