In Solidarity
7 November 2018

Once again, a Philippine colleague has been murdered: Atty. Benjamin Tarug Ramos was shot dead in Kabankalan last night by motorcycle riding men. He died from three gunshot wounds.

This is not the first time. Since 2015, the Association for European Democratic Lawyers (AED) has been denouncing the situation in the Philippines. The cold blooded murder of human rights defenders in the hand of motorcycle mercenarios is unfortunately a recurring theme. In the past, the government has shown no zeal in the investigations.

Atty. Benjamin Tarug Ramos was the Secretary General of the National Union of Philippine Lawyers in the region of Negros, and a well known pro bono lawyer of peasants, environmentalists, activists, political prisoners and mass organizations in Negros.

Any attack against defenders/attorneys for their professional work threatens fundamental and civil rights, and shows the quality of democracy.

To his family, his colleagues and friends goes our solidarity.

To the NUPL, all our support in their fight for a more just and democratic society in the Philippines.



For more information on the NUPL, visit their site.

For more information on human rights abuses of lawyers, please read our letter to the Philippine ambassador 4 years ago


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